What if a coalition of marketing agencies united for global change? This was our challenge—to create the world’s first multi-disciplinary, fully integrated service collective for the modern nonprofit.

The ONE HUNDRED agency brings together six agencies with unique skills and a shared vision: to help nonprofits in every corner of the world tell innovative stories that inspire humanitarian change.

The agency’s mandate is grounded in a collective sense of global responsibility: “We use the power of our partnership to make lasting impacts where they’re most needed, intervening on behalf of the vulnerable and invisible, and inspiring others to do the same.”

We named and designed an identity that has the mandate embedded in its symbol: Protect. Equalize. End. Improve. One hundred percent of the time.

We use the symbol to tell the story of the impact we have. From protecting children to equalizing education to ending hunger to improving results.

It’s a unique brand identity that gives 100%, one hundred percent of the time.

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