Cabot is a performance materials company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Cabot is the leading producer of rubber and specialty grade carbon black, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, fumed silica, aerogel, and elastomer composites.

Our challenge was to reposition the company as a brand that is determined, ingenious, inquisitive and at its core innovative. In a field where value has always been the selling point we believed that showcasing innovation had the ability to deliver higher earnings and customer loyalty.

The new mark and brand materials, connects the company’s past with its future. Combing a strong wordmark based on CGFutura and dynamic hexagon based chevron, representing the fundamentals of carbon and the brand theme of advancing. The color palette is a nod to Cabot’s collaborative spirit, and energetic approach to innovation. The underlying dimension of the chevron highlights the many facets of Cabot’s businesses.

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