In April 2015, a devastating earthquake shook Nepal to its core, destroying the Butterfly Home, an orphanage and school for children whose parents are in jail.

The founder, Pushpa Basnet, asked us to help raise $500,000 to rebuild the home. Otherwise, the children would be sent back to live with their parents behind bars.

We acted quickly, and developed a plan to get high net-worth donors together to support the cause. We created a compelling invitation–a children’s storybook with a saw hidden within the carved out pages. This drew the donors to a screening of the Butterfly Home’s documentary with celebrity guest, Susan Sarandon. These efforts secured an initial $250,000 dollars.

We didn’t stop there. We re-branded the Butterfly Home to capture new donors’ attention. To fuel funding, we developed a digital platform which allowed people to host their own screening events. By opening the cause to everyday donors, we helped Pushpa Basnet secure an additional $250,000, enough to rebuild the Butterfly Home and save children from a life behind bars.

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