Prevent jug trafficking. Berry+ is a young start-up that came to us with an idea that has changed the way we think about doing laundry. It’s a 95% berry-based, 100% plant based laundry soap, delivered in single load microdoses. This project started as an idea that then transformed into a recognizable brand nation-wide. The outer packaging is constructed form non GMO, plant based bio-resin (PSM) making it compostable. The tiny microdoses are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Working with The Moderns strategy was set in motion to get these guy’s to market in the most economical fashion. College. By working with the colleges directly and co-promoting an environmental product, both parties were able to benefit from the others credibility. We became the first university endorsed brand to be allowed access to students dorm rooms and subsequently encourage students to take this product home to mum at the end of semester and show her how laundry is supposed to be done.

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